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Dara Hedrick

Hello and welcome to DishBliss! I am Dara Hedrick, Owner of DishBliss by Darah LLC. Here I am in a nutshell; A passionate health freak that loves to share with the world all the healthy things this earth has to offer. I am a certified and self-taught Chef that strongly encourages you to eat clean and nourish your body well. Everything we make is from scratch, made with organic and quality ingredients. We have new and exciting menus every week! While eating organic, balanced meals helped me to achieve my personal goals, I want to also help you achieve yours. That is why our goal is to personalize clean gourmet meal preps that meet your personal and nutritional needs so you don't have to!

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Elmie Rabe

Elmie is another Chef at DishBliss and has been a chef and pastry chef for 20+ years! She also holds other culinary degrees; certified personal trainer and nutritional food science. We work closely together to create recipes and meals each week. She helps DishBliss with the VIP menu that allows customers to make dietary customizations to their meals. She's been an amazing addition to the team and we both strive to create you the best and nutritious meal preps in Charlotte. 

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